We're not just systems thinkers. we're systems designers of projects that regenerate economic systems, human relationships, and ecosystems.

WHAT DO WE MEAN By "soil and shadow"?

 We use "Soil and Shadow" as a values statement, a touchstone, and a process for our work:

Soil is complexity and thriving in the midst of change. Also, paying attention to soil is one of the best paths to ecosystem regeneration.

“And” indicates that how we work = both/and, not either/or. Because it’s all important, it’s all got to be factored in—and that’s what we do.

Shadow points to the hidden we must seek and integrate so it becomes our ally—instead of our downfall. 

1. Listen

2. Reflect

3. Design

4. DO

Our design team, as you might expect, is diverse:

Our team includes the planet: we design everything with the principles of healthy ecology and biomimicry in mind, building resiliency and elegant simplicity into our solutions and their implementation.

We have a number of experts we call in to design parts of your project. We ensure the integrity of the whole.

We design with the humans left in so great initiatives don’t fall apart because of misalignment, unclarity, or unacknowledged anything. This is why paying attention to shadow is half our work: it’s also half your success.

SEED: Stakeholder Experience and Engagement Design

Identify your assets (what’s working), what’s not working and areas of conflict. We'll tell you the truth about them in a way you can hear and use.

Design a plan to achieve your goals for regeneration of relationships, economics or ecosystems (at local, regional, state, national or international levels) in a way that addresses all three without compromising focus.

Design and execute implementation that will engage your community. We'll do stakeholder analysis for clarity of direction and to identify potential areas of shadow. We know that community engagement is essential to lasting success. It builds relationships among stakeholders - this leads to trust - and that allows stakeholders to work more effectively together over time at less cost.

What that means for you: goals and outcomes happen more efficiently with longer-lasting results.