Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities

Opportunities to bridge environmental justice and soil carbon sequestration


Our initial engagement with the Globetrotter Foundation saw us convene a gathering of stakeholders at the intersection in healthy soils and social justice. The gathering was funded by Globetrotter, consistent with their mission to improve soil in North America.

The group identified a common call for a framework for how to think about the relationship between healthy soils and social justice. Our design work included a response to this call of an integrative paper illustrating the most fruitful ways to think about this relationship and this intersection.

In our subsequent engagement, we researched, wrote, and produced the “Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities” paper and infographic you can receive free as a download here.

Stakeholders interviewed for this paper included farmers, people at the intersection of agriculture and social justice in California, and more. Our product was a strong, well-founded case for connecting healthy community development to healthy soils’ development.

Thus, in partnership with the Globetrotter Foundation, Carbon Cycle Institute and Food First, Soil and Shadow’s "Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities" publication details the interdependence of community development, climate change, building healthy soil, and public natural resource management funds.

HealthySoilsPoster 2017.png