Designer & Campaign Manager of the #NoRegrets Initiative

Our initial engagement with the founder of the #NoRegrets Initiative began with listening. Soil and Shadow engaged numerous stakeholders to help #NoRegrets’ founder clarify intent and direction.

In the design phase of our engagement, we built community engagement structures for investors and philanthropists looking to shift their assets toward building healthy soil. The most public emanation of this meticulously tailored communications process is an educational website for philanthropists and others who control significant capital illustrating, inspiring, and engaging investment in ecosystem regeneration that regenerates economies and human relationships.

In a subsequent engagement, Soil and Shadow has begun to manage portions of the engagement structures we built.

Researcher and Writer of Globetrotter Foundation’s “Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities” Publication

Our initial engagement with the Globetrotter Foundation saw us convene a gathering of stakeholders at the intersection in healthy soils and social justice. The gathering was funded by Globetrotter, consistent with their mission to improve soil in North America.

The group identified a common call for a framework for how to think about the relationship between healthy soils and social justice. Our design work included a response to this call of an integrative paper illustrating the most fruitful ways to think about this relationship and this intersection.

In our subsequent engagement, we researched, wrote, and produced the “Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities” paper and infographic you can receive free as a download here.

Stakeholders interviewed for this paper included farmers, people at the intersection of agriculture and social justice in California, and more. Our product was a strong, well-founded case for connecting healthy community development to healthy soils’ development.

Thus, in partnership with the Globetrotter Foundation, Carbon Cycle Institute and Food First, Soil and Shadow’s "Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities" publication details the interdependence of community development, climate change, building healthy soil, and public natural resource management funds.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan Designers and Implementers

Soil and Shadow designs diversity, equity, and inclusion into our clients’ internal and external work simultaneously.

Two examples:

  • The 11th Hour Project: in our initial engagement, we listened to and mirrored staff of this philanthropic project, resulting in a subsequent engagement of two years of coaching and strategic advising to ensure staff had the interpersonal skills to relate to themselves and each other in new ways, and the ability to connect those interpersonal skills to their external strategy for growth.
  • Alliance for Sustainable Colorado: in our initial engagement, we listened to and mirrored both Board and staff as well as other stakeholders in an intensive process of organizational direction clarification, resulting in a series of recommendations on needs & actions to take to meet them based on the work the Alliance wants to do in the world.